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Corporate Law

Dependable Corporate Lawyers in Ottawa

Our corporate lawyers serve across Ottawa and surrounding areas. Specifically, we incorporate companies, and have incorporated more than 2,500 companies. Whether you’re looking for corporate amendments or amalgamations, trust Bunning & Farnand. We offer a standard provincial incorporation package with a reasonably sophisticated but flexible share structure for $1,600.00 (all-inclusive).

One federal incorporation package is $1,500.00, but we do recommend proceeding provincially if you have the choice between the two systems. In addition to incorporation, this service includes providing the corporate seal and corporate minute book, preparing the initial corporate resolutions, issuing share certificates, and filing the initial government information package. We also offer more sophisticated corporate services such as:

Professional incorporations

Corporate amendments and/or amalgamations

Estate freezes in conjunction with professional advice from your accountant

Filing annual returns

Preparing minutes of annual meetings

Corporate restructuring

For a detailed consultation, contact us now.


Corporate Law Advice

If your corporate venture needs an experienced legal counsel, schedule your consultation with us.

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