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Family Law

Your Trusted Family Lawyer in Ottawa

At Bunning & Farnand, we understand the trauma and devastation that can be caused due to a family breakdown. If you are looking for a family lawyer in Ottawa, get in touch with us. Our aim is to advise clients in a practical and empathetic manner during this stressful time. We work towards providing constructive resolutions for family disputes. We can prepare cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts, and advise on:

Separation issues

Separation agreements

Processing uncontested divorces

We have handled over 2,500 divorces compassionately, as well as simple family law matters, such as uncontested divorces, simple separations and cohabitation agreements.


Please note that we do not accept contested family law files due to time constraints.


Seeking a Divorce?

Let our lawyers handle your divorce and other cases related to family law.

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