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Notaries and Commissioners of Oaths

Notaries and Commissioners of Oaths in Ottawa

Once in a while, you may require a professional witness (for example, insurance Proof of Loss forms, travel letters for children, out-of-province land matters, estate affidavits, etc.). Both of our lawyers are Notary Publics. In addition, three of our staff are Commissioner of Oaths, so we are able to provide witnessing services for any type of document required from any jurisdiction. We charge the following prices for our services:

Commissioner of Oaths witnessing - $40

Notary public witnessing - $100

Notarizing with signed certificate and seal - $150

Lawyer signing prepared documents (ex. travel letter) - $100

Preparing affidavits - $200

Make us your first choice to witness your important documents or for the services of a Commissioner of Oaths. Ensure your documents are legally binding and valid with our services.


Please note that the fees may vary depending on the services required and complexity. Give us a call to check our fee structure.

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